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Our first SGAA Newsletter! (Vol. 1 Issue 1)

Why have a high school alumni association?
Love of community. The word ‘love’ is usually publicly uttered only in the context of things like sappy pop songs. But in real life, love is a choice and an action. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote “to love is to will the good of the other,” to yearn and strive for another’s success or improvement. The Skyline graduates who participate in the SGAA love the community that raised us—and we do that by striving for its success and offering our time, resources, and abilities.

Unity The people of our community, our state, and our nation have always followed different ways of life and held a variety of different opinions, beliefs, and even values. Collectively, that diversity sometimes gives us strength and advantages. At other times, divisiveness threatens our ability to maintain a healthy, functional society. The Skyline graduates who participate in the SGAA believe that working together in common cause helps us individually and as a community to build the rapport, friendship and goodwill needed to counteract corrosive divisiveness.

Friendship If plain and simple fun isn’t enough reason to maintain lifelong friendships, there’s more: Social scientists and psychologists have repeatedly found social connections are associated with overall well-being and long life. The Skyline graduates who participate in the SGAA delight in each other—laughing together, working together, enjoying each other’s company.

SGAA’s mission is to recruit and organize the talents and resources of thousands of Skyline alumni to serve students, alumni, faculty, and administrators of Skyline High School and Idaho Falls itself. The SGAA works with the school, District 91, alumni, and others to identify projects that will enhance the success of the students, support the interests of alumni, and strengthen the community.


Are you interested in supporting or participating in SGAA? At a minimum, we’d like to have you as a member. You can join right on this website.

We hope that you might help us to spread the word about SGAA, by contacting any classmates you’re still in touch with, and by helping us use any internet presence your class has to reach more people. 

If you are willing to volunteer/participate in SGAA, please contact us at Please refer to the bottom of the “ABOUT SGAA” page for available positions.

FACEBOOK USERS: To follow SGAA on Facebook, search for the “Skyline Grizzlies Alumni Association” page


The SGAA is working with Skyline on a mentoring program, and we hope to be a conduit for making useful connections among alumni. For those and other reasons, we’d like to know a little about your experience since graduation. We will use the information you provide among SGAA committee members for program-planning purposes only and won’t share it further without contacting you to ask permission.

Please select the link below (Skyline Grizzlies Alumni Survey) to tell us about yourself.

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