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High school alumni associations can help both schools and alumni in many ways.

For example, school administrators can provide us with a wish list of projects they want or need that the district can’t fund. SGAA can assist in funding these projects.

Associations like SGAA can serve the alumni. As we get more participants, we’ll be able to do things like provide access to an alumni directory to help people connect with classmates, assist reunion committees, sponsor events and activities for alumni, and more.  


Are you interested in supporting or participating in SGAA? At a minimum, we’d like to have you as a member. You can join right on this website.


We hope that you might help us to spread the word about SGAA, by contacting any classmates you’re still in touch with, and by helping us use any internet presence your class has to reach more people. 

Are you willing to volunteer to participate in other ways? Volunteering in the early stages of a new organization is so rewarding—the things you do will have a pay-off for years to come.

We need people willing to serve on the Board of Directors, and we’d particularly like to get people of all ages—right now, it’s just retired folks.

We need people for various committees, such as publicity, finance, and membership.

If you are willing to volunteer/participate, please contact us at

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Latest News…

Skyline Grizzlies Alumni Association (SGAA) Kickoff Luncheon

We had a wonderful Kickoff luncheon! Our audience was small, but we had the opportunity to hear from the current SHS Principal and 2 of the Skyline High School Booster Club members. It was satisfying to hear from them how excited they are to work with SGAA.

Heidi Marlowe – Skyline High School Booster Club
Lisa Allen – Skyline High School Booster Club

One of the most inspiring messages presented by our SGAA Board were the comments made by George Groberg (’70)

George Groberg – SGAA Board

Here are his remarks….

I would like to invite you to join us in our effort to serve together in the Skyline
Grizzlies Alumni Association (SGAA). To present this invitation let me explain to you
some of the factors that I considered when I decided to become involved with this
organization. While I can only speak for myself, I believe that all of my friends in SGAA
share these thoughts and I hope my thinking will resonate with you too. To effectively
communicate my motivations to be involved, I will break this down into three reasons.
Love of community, unity and friendship. Sappy? I hope not.

First is LOVE OF COMMUNITY. I am a retired professional who lived in Idaho Falls for
the majority of my life. My roots are deep in the area. My daughter’s family represent
the fifth generation of our family in Idaho Falls. Over my 70+ years I have spent all
except 19 years in Idaho Falls. Those other 19 years were spent elsewhere in the
States and abroad in education, serving in the military, church missions, doing
humanitarian work and finally retiring with my wife in Utah to help her ageing parents.
When people ask where we are from, I eagerly say Idaho. It is part of my identity.
Those years away from Idaho Falls have given me a fairly broad perspective from which
to compare various places and cultures and have helped make something very clear to
me. I love our community. I love my roots. I am grateful and I want to contribute back.
We use many words too casually. Love is an example. People often say that they love
their community. Easy to say, but are we serious about what that means?

Love is just a word, and a word is just a symbol, and a symbol is only a representation
of something real. A word itself has no value other than the reality that it symbolizes. It
only becomes meaningful if there is something real behind it. What does that mean? In
the case of love, St. Thomas Aquinas taught us that “to love is to will the good of the
other,” to yearn and strive for another’s success or improvement. It is a choice and an
action verb more than it is an emotion. It is a choice to be dedicated to the betterment
of another and to act accordingly. In this case to love the community that raised us is to
strive for its success and to choose to make commitments to spend our time, resources
and abilities to help. That is how we love our community. SGAA provides a way to
effectively do that. I would like to invite you to join with us in this love of our

Second is UNITY. Recently there has been serious divisiveness across our nation.
And our state and community have not been spared from that divisiveness. (I prefer to
use the term divisiveness rather than division. There is a difference. Divisiveness is an
adjective denoting intent to divide. Divisiveness is far more pathologic and adversarial
to good than the normal divisions that exist in a healthy society. E Pluribus Unum has
been our nation’s motto for a long time because our society has always been composed
of various/different divisions.)

There is a way to overcome that divisiveness and become united. I believe that when
we join together in common causes despite our differences, to address those issues
that need to be addressed; when together we search for and find positive outcomes to
our problems, work hard together, and serve together in good causes we tend to
come together and both the giver and the recipient increase their value. Divisiveness
is replaced with rapport, friendship and goodwill.

These are the values that I learned and observed while growing up and living in Idaho
Falls. We invite you to unite with us.

Third is FRIENDSHIP. In numerous attempts to determine what brings happiness in
individuals and in society, social scientists and psychologist have repeatedly found that
the most common source of our happiness is our social connection to other people. To
say that another way, no matter how smart we are, how wealthy we are, or many other
factors considered, it is our relationships with others that are most predictive of our

When I heard of the creation of the Skyline Grizzlies Alumni Association, to me I was
drawn to it because it represented an opportunity to be connected with good people
who love their community. I knew the volunteer leaders of SGAA. I knew that they were
trustworthy people of the highest caliber. Being participants in SGAA also puts us in
contact with other good people such as the leaders of this community, the leaders of the
schools, the faculty, administration and students of Skyline. It is a conduit through which
we can understand the needs of the school and community. We get to see up close
where to help and how to help. I would like to invite you to do join in our friendship.
Love of community, Unity and Friendship are imbedded in my reasons to join in
support of the Skyline Grizzlies Alumni Association. Hopefully, this resonates with you
too. I invite you to join us and to spread this invitation to other good people like


Upcoming Auction for the Skyline Alum Ass’n

The Skyline Grizzlies Alumni Association (SGAA) will support the high school, current students, alumni, and recent graduates in various ways. Just a few of the ideas: 

  • The school itself needs ‘extras’ the taxpayer budget doesn’t include (faculty have mentioned water-bottle filling stations for the students; a better sound system for the gym; and an inflatable mascot for the sports teams, among a longer wish list);
  • A grant program managed in collaboration with guidance staff could help recent grads with college visits or other one-time expenses of moving ahead to adult life; and
  • Classes planning reunions could use the help of part-time staff with communications and people-locating skills.

A charity auction will get the SGAA up and running. Bidding will take place online and at reunion events in the spring. 

Can you donate something–an object, a service, an adventure–to be auctioned? Donations could include:

  • gift baskets, 
  • original artwork or handcrafts, 
  • services such as personal financial planning services or a catered brunch or dinner, 
  • use of a vacation home for a weekend or longer, 
  • a guided fishing trip, horseback ride, off-road vehicle ride. 


Let your imagination go wild and think of something you would like to donate, and then please contact the organizers at

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