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Getting Involved with SGAA

Keep in touch

First, make sure you’ve signed up on the SGAA website. At that website, you can find links to other Skyline-related websites, including those of some individual graduating classes.

Facebook pages with Skyline news include Skyline High School Booster Club; “In Memory of our Friends from Skyline High School”; and “D91 Proud – Idaho Falls District 91.”

Facebook: Skyline Grizzlies Alumni Association

And did you know the “Westside Story” is online? Check it out to see what today’s students are writing about.

Question or comments? Our email is


To learn more about the Skyline Grizzlies Alumni Association, visit our website at, where you will find our bylaws, incorporation papers, and more information.

One simple way to help is to share SGAA news among your own Skyline friends and former classmates.

Follow us on Facebook, comment, and share our posts. Forward our emails to friends and siblings who attended Skyline. Let us know if your class is starting to organize a reunion, so that we can work with the organizing committee to reach former classmates or draw them in.

The SGAA Board of Directors has room for more volunteers, and we have other participation opportunities for those who want to make a more limited commitment, such as working on just one project or making a financial contribution.

Together we can build SGAA into Idaho’s best high school alumni association! Well, okay, it’s so far the only high school alumni association in the state, so let’s show them how it’s done.

Go, Grizzlies!

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